Ask the Experts – isn’t a cleaning just a cleaning?

Most patients know that the typical cleaning occurs every six months. However, depending on the health of the teeth and gums, and if a long time has passed since the last cleaning, a regular cleaning may not be enough. There are cleanings that are preventive in nature (prophylaxis, periodontal maintenance) and others that treat disease (scaling and root planing, debridement).... read more »


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The team at Elan Dental of South Riding arrive every day with the sole purpose of delivering exceptional care to our patients.  We seek to alleviate pain, restore what is broken, and ultimately enhance the health and lives of those who graciously entrust their health to us.  And we do so with the same quality of care, compassion and competence we would deliver to our very own family members. 

We have spent countless hours on designing our office to create a beautiful and relaxing environment so that you can be comfortable while using the latest technology and dental procedures so you can trust in our exceptional and gentle care.

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